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What happens is worth remembering, and flowers are worth bearing. I hope that life will always be remembered, and I will not look back.


Tragedy destroys the valuable things of life and comedy tears them apart.


If you want to succeed before the age of 35, you must set your life goals between the ages of 25 and 30.


In the days of waiting, study hard, be humble and have deep roots, so as to flourish in the future.


Although the road of life is long, the most important thing is often only a few steps, especially when people are young.


Life is like a garden where paths diverge. Sometimes, one step at a time, one can decide all the paths behind.


Come by chance, go by necessity. So you must, follow the fate unchanged, unchanged follow the fate.


Appreciate the advantages of others, treat others'shortcomings kindly, respect others' privacy, and enjoy your own life.


When selfish happiness becomes the only goal of life, soon life becomes aimless.


A fool always wants others to know him. Wise people try to understand themselves.


If you are poor and sad, you will not be able to make a difference. If you are poor and sad, you will be very unjust if you become poor and sad.


Life has lasted for generations, but the years are similar. I don't know who Jiangyue will be, but I see the Yangtze River delivering water.


Normal life: When you can give up, you don't want to; when you want to give up, you can't.


Life is a horse, a light and strong horse, and one should control it as boldly and carefully as a rider.


The first task of life is to become as flexible as possible. What is the second task has not been found up to now.


To love wholeheartedly and leave the rest to destiny is a simple rule that wise people follow.


Love is the place to talk about love, not reason. Girlfriend and reason can only choose one here.


If I hadn't met you at that time, maybe I would never know how it feels to love someone so much in my whole life.


Complaint is like lifting a stone and throwing it at one's feet. It's not good for others, it's not good for oneself, it's not good for things.


If the rational analysis can not support their own decision-making, it is left to the heart to decide!


There is nothing more painful in life than not seeing a rainbow after a super storm, but getting a cold as a result.


The biggest difference in life is that you are not worthy of your ambition and sufferings.


Pleasure gives comfort, but it gives premature death; labour gives hone, but it gives longevity.


Happy life needs three kinds of postures: light to the past, cherish the present, and believe in the future.


Why complain about a short life when it's hard to find a dream in the world? The wind is so frank that I recommend it to you.


In the book of life, most people will find simple lessons from over-kindness.


Children are determined to go out of the countryside and never return their studies. Why bury bones in mulberry fields? Life is full of green hills.


Life is a process of choking, crying and smiling, and the greater part of it is choking.


It's easier to meet people who are nice to you in one's life, but it's hard to meet people who always treat you as you were.


Never frown, even when you are unhappy, because you never know who is falling in love with your smile.


Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're going to get next.


Indifference can make you really enjoy life, experience joy in your efforts, and enrich yourself in indifference.


Life, like a new snow, carefully take every step, because every footfall will leave traces.


The first secret of success in life is not to regard fate as a goddess, but as a bastard.


It is better to sail a boat, appreciate weeping willows, laugh at life, and live a lifetime.


East, west, north and South are all good as long as they are consciously at ease. If a person does not pass, do not run away by yourself.


The world comes out of my generation, as soon as I enter the rivers and lakes, I will be drunk in the chatting and laughing of the imperial majesty.


Life is not so much about the fact that you have an unfortunate existence as it is about your decadent thoughts.


Life is strong for those who dare to face difficulties, and strong for those who dare to challenge adversity.


There are two difficulties in the world, one is difficult to ascend to heaven, the other is more difficult to ask for human beings. There are two risks in the world, one is social insurance, and the other is people's heart.


Life is not so much about your unfortunate existence as about your pessimistic outlook.


When you advise others, if you do not take into account the self-esteem of others, then no good words can be used.


Good mood will bring good scenery, good vision will bring good discovery and good thinking will bring good ideas.


Life is not a peaceful life, but a long whale ride in the East China Sea. Judao should be regarded as Li Xiping, a rebel in the old capital.


Youth is a rare thing in life. We should learn from Tang Ming-yen. But if you want to whip, you must not throw away your parents.


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